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Lens Global is a UK based contact lens supplier providing products to customers based on high quality Uk based service, fast delivery and value for money. Click Optical have been engaged to deliver an extensive digital marketing campaign to support online sales and help grow Lens Global's share of the online contact lens market.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.5% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 10%
Return on Investment of 20%


To build online sales and to retain a higher % of repeat buyers.


A comprehensive competitor analysis revealed weaknesses in other major players' digital marketing campaign that Click Optical is harnessing to gain a competitive edge for Lens Global. Powerful creative is being used to great effect in customer attraction and retention. Frequency of repeat sales has also increased above target.


We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 0.5%, which has generated a surge in new sales. In the campaign’s very first month the Cost Per Action (CPA) was reduced by 10%, surpassing our 3 month target. The online paid spend has been increased by 300% as past of the staged expansion of the campaigns.

0.5% CTR

10% less CPA

20% Increase on ROI

From The Client

“We have a very strong relationship with Click Optical and consider them as a core part of our business. The service level and attention to detail is superb and we never need to explain anything about our products - they understand exactly what we are selling and that makes a huge difference”

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